American Karachai-Kavkaz Benevolent Association


The American Karachai-Kavkaz Benevolent Association (AKBA) was established on November 27, 1989.  AKBA was established to preserve, foster, study and teach the religion, language, customs, history, folk-dances and folk-music of the Karchai culture through various community events and activities for the Karachai people in America.  AKBA was also established to strengthen the cooperative ties among the Karachai-Kavkaz people wherever they may be to preserve and nurture the Karachai-Kavkaz heritage.  The Karchai culture is the native culture of the indigenous peoples of the Karachai region of the North Caucasus Mountains.

AKBA is a non-profit organization that serves a local community.  Community volunteers work together to manage the community center located on 137 Crooks Avenue in the City of Paterson in the State of New Jersey.

Our current facilities house a community center, cafeteria, banquet hall, Karachai ethnic dance center and martial arts room.

AKBA’s cultural facilities are available exclusively to AKBA members and their guests.  The organization is comprised of 3 elected Governing Bodies:

1- The Executive Board

2- The Rules and Ethics Commission

3- The Auditing Committee

The Executive Board officers consist of the President, the Vice-President, the Recording Secretary, the Treasurer and the Directors of the Standing Committees elected annually by our General Membership.  The Executive Board has the power to transact all day to day business and initiate such studies as it deems advisable for the realization of the purposes of A.K.B.A.

The Rules and Ethics Commission is run by five members elected at the Annual General Membership Meeting. The Commission keeps the Executive Board and the General Membership in check as to their observance of the A.K.B.A. Constitution.

The Auditing Committee is composed of three officers elected by the General Membership. The Committee provides oversight of the financial reporting process and records of the organization.

Karachai’s across America comprise of the General Membership.  A large population of our members reside in New Jersey and work in a variety of professional positions.